From Ecology

to Avant-Guarde

Implementing new technologies and innovative materials allows us to push the boundaries into a new creative realm. We give way to novel architectural and aesthetic solutions in an authentic contemporary spirit with lighter structures on larger spaces.

While wood’s outstanding ecological characteristics are demonstrated, once for all, by the fact that the production of a panel with a a given compressive strength in wood requires 500 times less energy than in steel.

Wood as a building material offers a remarkable of environmental and structural performance. In fact, as wood is a natural composite synergy material made from cellulose fibers with a high percentage of cavities, it is the structurally most capable insulating building material we have at our disposal.

Mass Timber goes beyond the structural limits defined by concrete, creating a new potential for bespoke high-end design.


Mass Timber,
a new creative
architectural language

Naturally load-bearing, wood is born as a structural element, unlike synthetic materials such as concrete or steel. Its potential has now increased by computational means. Ranging from computer-controlled manufacturing to the integral cyber-physical scanning of each wooden part to production systems capable of creating unique pieces sequentially.

With such advanced parameters, it is apparent that the architectural potential can outperform any other traditional material and give shape to exceptional results, as shown by the images below.

One of the advantages of mass timber is we can use it inside exposed as an interior decorating element.

These new potentials are now available to architects with the ability to integrate them into a coherent and functional architectural language creating new forms in harmony with the materials and technology at their disposal.

We are opening a new chapter in the luxury residential market combining
elegance and lightness with performance.

Innovhousing promotes and sets up the best possible housing concept in South Africa by boosting sustainable beauty and performative comfort.


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