Our Unified


What IH offers and what the competition is failing to deliver.


Different from any conventional construction company, IH is a company specially created to get the most from its adopted technologies. Mastering new techniques is a necessary but insufficient condition to satisfy our customers’ high expectations.

InnovHousing has therefore conceived a unified and all-comprehensive model that turns the building of our customers’ homes into a serene and pleasant experience.


A Single Point
of  Reference

We are a one-stop shop to turn the building of our customers’ homes into a serene and pleasant experience. Our clients will not have to embark on an adventurous and sometimes risky journey among architects, engineers and developers. They will no longer have to unravel among time and money estimates, often proven inaccurate or wrong, triggering anxiety and frustration. With us, our clients are privileged with a single point of reference: IH. From a shared idea to its complete realization, IH will take care and control of every activity, contrary to what conventional construction assigns to a plurality of subjects. In addition, the client can follow and check every project stage with us anytime.

We integrate technologies with services, supporting you, from the first home concept to its realization and in the aftermath for any assistance.

You can count on us.

Our Tangible Advantages:

  1. every fundamental aspect of the project is shared and agreed upon with our client
  2. the choice of IH as a single partner avoids errors, misunderstandings, conflicts and reworking
  3. precise estimates and deadlines are the natural outcome of the two previous points
  4. the technologies we adopt
    • allow us to apply performing and renewable materials
    • cut construction times up to 50%
    • are centred on people’s wellbeing
    • enable the self-production and storage of clean energy to stay off-grid and enough to fill up an electric car

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