design. build. solve.


Design is just the beginning; before that there is a careful search for partners who can guarantee that each element is functional for its purpose. A supply chain is selected by inspecting competence, quality and reliability, in local companies where possible.
The project is based on a thorough analysis of the client’s needs. Once the matter has been discussed and approved it is shared with each party in the supply chain, which certifies its contribution to the project. Before granting final approval InnovHousing attests that any modifications that may occur will be coherent with the initial project.
One of the distinguishing features of InnovHousing is the division into parts of the different stages and responsibilities involved from the client’s approach to the delivery of the building.



Conventional construction features a fragmentation of subjects and responsibilities, while Innovhousing is one partner, one solution. From planning to the finished building the process is radically different in its conceptual and organisational methods. Rather than building, it would be better to speak of composing a building. On the other hand, planning every stage requires accurate analysis and the definition of each element with the greatest precision.


Due to the nature of the production processes and their intrinsic properties, since the designing stage materials require millimetric tolerances and accuracy in details. The real construction process begins not on the building site, but as a coordinated flow of steps originating from analytical planning that takes shape by means of an industrialisation process and ends with assembly in situ. The real construction process begins not on the building site, but as a flow of steps originating from analytical planning and ends with assembly in situ. This is a methodology that turns all the traditional concepts of building upside down and makes it possible to solve many of the unexpected problems and frustrations that currently afflict builders, with the advantage of:

• a complete, precise road map for the assembly stages
• a highly accurate forecast of the finishing date
• no inter-stage down times
• no re-processing due to errors on the job
• practically no building site rejects
• punctual checks for all stages
• high quality standards: designed for comfort