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InnovHousing is an Italo-South African “engineering” company that, together with the Building Innovation Laboratory (LIE) of Padua University develops research.



• Quality of the construction elements
• Residential comfort
• Environmental sustainability
• Energy savings
• Building speed economical price and performance ratio



The concepts that inspire the research of InnovHousing are those of NZEB (Nearly Zero Energy Building), that is to say sustainable buildings with the highest energy efficiency through a careful design centered on thermal insulation, taking full advantage of the local climate resources, such as incident and diffused solar radiation, ventilation and mass accumulation. The higher the thermal capacity, the lesser the need to heat or cool a room. InnovHousing takes advantage of solarization to add to the properties of the passive elements a double active system that can produce hot water for daily needs and - if necessary – heat or cool rooms using a computerized system of heat pumps. The achievement of a real energy independence is one of the most important issues of InnovHousing applied research. InnovHousing supplies a unique and revolutionary system able to produce and manage energy at best. It focusses on production, storage and flow management capability. The aim is to provide a completely off-grid dwelling, whose energy excess can be shared in a peer-to-peer distribution.


The environmental issue has strategic relevance that is why the choice of materials is a key factor. It is essential to consider the carbon footprint and relative pollutants when producing the materials, and then the role of these in reducing energy dispersion.



Environmental efficiency works at its best when materials have low coefficient in their embodied emissions and once installed obtain a highly efficient thermal insulation. The only material that has these features is wood, which becomes the structural core of every InnovHousing construction.


Building with the invasive use of materials that involve a production process responsible for high concentrations of emissions into the atmosphere is not compatible with the ethical, programmatic and economic code of InnovHousing.