quality. healthy. safety.



Providing solutions for contingent problems should be the purpose of all business activities; creating opportunities to improve people’s lives is the imperative of InnovHousing.
The solutions we propose to place on the market are buildings with construction criteria and technical-functional characteristics different from those found in the country until now.
In our way of approaching the market we want to underline our detachment from existing logic, much of which is misleading because it is based mainly on criteria that go from strictly economic logic to that linked to convention and habit. This logic is to the exclusive advantage of those who apply it.


The purpose for which a building is conceived, designed and built must first and foremost be the quality of life in it. Destinations for use may be radically different, but the original aim must never deviate from the primary requisites of quality, wellbeing and safety.
Materials, methods and technologies intrinsic to the InnovHousing construction concept are essential to construction quality, considering that quality cannot be limited to the perimeter of a building, but must involve the environment with which it interacts.
Quality means having a constant, year-round internal temperature, controlled air exchange, doors and windows that protect from thieves, draughts and sunlight; large windows that allow intelligent use of natural light; illumination systems specially designed for householders’ needs.



Quality in life means being free and independent from a centralised energy distribution system and its interruptions, and last but not least, exercising careful management of a rare commodity like water.

The real possibility to use technology for a more comfortable and efficient lifestyle extends life expectation. This is design for comfort, this is InnovHousing.