"A creation of one thousand forests is in one acorn" <span>Ralph Waldo Emerson</span>
"A creation of one thousand forests is in one acorn" Ralph Waldo Emerson


Organic, innovative, sustainable

Innovhousing is an organic architecture, engineering and construction company that combines the highest performing technology with the smallest possible carbon footprint.
We use the most innovative materials and technologies to meet a new demand for alternative, healthier, sustainable and attractive sites that foster an organic interaction between humans and nature.

How to build a nightmare

• The number of subjects involved from planning to delivery
• Fragmented decision making
• Uncoordinated steps and times
• Little automation
• Waste and mess on site
• Out-of-date materials and methods (brick and mortar)
• Complexity of managing the construction sequences

• Integrated management of responsibilities
• Syncronized and manufacture-like process
• High automation and speed process
• Clean site and no waste
• Breakthrough technology and materials
• Lean construction method

How to built a...


InnovHousing believes that knowledge is humanity’s common heritage and must therefore be shared. The technology available in certain parts of the planet must reach places where it is most needed and can be fruitfully employed.

Having the privilege to cooperate from one side of the globe to the other with prestigious universities is a big responsibility and a strong incentive to pursue our aims. InnovHousing – as its Articles of Association state – lays aside 5% of its profit to promote university research that encourages the use of sustainable technologies for construction.



research. green. answers.

InnovHousing is an Italo-South African engineering company that, together with the Building Innovation Laboratory (LIE) of Padua University develops research for:

  • Quality of the construction elements
  • Residential comfort
  • Environmental sustainability
  • Energy savings
  • Building speed
  • Cost-effectiveness ratio


universitiy. public. residential.

The business area focuses on three development lines: university student residences, public buildings, private homes


quality. healthy. safety.

Providing solutions for contingent problems should be the purpose of all business activities; creating opportunities to improve people’s lives is the imperative of InnovHousing. 

Materials & tech

wood. sun. dry.

InnovHousing uses a dry construction system, which means that no water is used during the building stages, differently from traditional materials such as concrete and bricks that require on average 2t of water for 1t of concrete.

CLT or XLam

CLT is an industrial material designed for structural use. It is made up of wood from sustainably managed forests, with a short production chain and processing with low energy consumption. It is used not only for building structures, but also to considerably reduce thermal transmittance and therefore the building’s energy requirements.